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  • "I can’t. I’m watching endangered black rhino calves."
  • I made a beautiful omelette :)

  • Saw this a while ago and forgot to repost it. Hahahaha.

  • This stud is out of hiding!

  • I have survived week one of classes

  • "Once you learn how to be happy, you won’t tolerate being around people who make you feel anything less."
  • Obviously saved this from snapchat. Haha. Felt like cooking so I made enchiladas, Mexican rice and some refried beans for dinner. #mexicannight

  • Take me back to philly

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  • jakeawesome91:

    I thought I knew who I was. Now I’m

    realising that might not be the case.

    I LOVE me some dexter.

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  • Food for thought.

    Have you ever had everything you wanted and was finally content with life and still felt low? I have NO reason at all to be unhappy. I am undeniably in love with an amazing guy who would give the world for me, we have a nice house together, my school expenses are all paid for, I have a job and a car, and yet I still feel so low.

    Yes, of course I am prepared for all of those hateful comments about how spoiled or whiny I am. But, I’ve been battling depression for about 8 years now and anxiety for 5. I do NOT chose to feel this way and I don’t know why anyone would. I cannot help the way I feel and refuse to take pills. Tumblr is my way of coping. It’s my escape. I’m trying. I just feel like I keep getting trapped in this same slump.

    Maybe I should go back to therapy….