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  • "Once you learn how to be happy, you won’t tolerate being around people who make you feel anything less."
  • Obviously saved this from snapchat. Haha. Felt like cooking so I made enchiladas, Mexican rice and some refried beans for dinner. #mexicannight

  • Take me back to philly

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  • jakeawesome91:

    I thought I knew who I was. Now I’m

    realising that might not be the case.

    I LOVE me some dexter.

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  • Food for thought.

    Have you ever had everything you wanted and was finally content with life and still felt low? I have NO reason at all to be unhappy. I am undeniably in love with an amazing guy who would give the world for me, we have a nice house together, my school expenses are all paid for, I have a job and a car, and yet I still feel so low.

    Yes, of course I am prepared for all of those hateful comments about how spoiled or whiny I am. But, I’ve been battling depression for about 8 years now and anxiety for 5. I do NOT chose to feel this way and I don’t know why anyone would. I cannot help the way I feel and refuse to take pills. Tumblr is my way of coping. It’s my escape. I’m trying. I just feel like I keep getting trapped in this same slump.

    Maybe I should go back to therapy….

  • It’s funny.

    Things start going fan fucking tastic for me after how crappy this year has been. No sarcasm. Of course though, with my luck, that was only temporary. Lately it’s been one thing after another again. I’ve been stressed beyond belief and I honestly don’t know how I’m keeping my cool like this. I haven’t felt this lost in a while. I legit just don’t know what to do; I’ve passed my limit of stress.

    I just want to understand why things keep going like this. Nobody ever seems to be able to give me an answer…

  • Legal drinking age being raised…

    I’ve seen 3 posts so far of people asking if the legal drinking age being raised to 25 on august 2, 2014 article is real……um, it’s August 5, 2014. So it’s obviously not real. Please stop debating.

  • UNCC Confessions Page has driven me to this lil rant….

    I’m so tired of all these females posting about how unappreciated they feel. Fucking do something about it then. The reason why you feel that way is because you’re too busy bitching and posting on social media instead of growing a backbone and doing something about it. Damn.

    PS bitching about your boyfriend playing video games is equally as annoying. Stop being a stereotypical needy ass whiny female and try playing for once. They’re actually really enjoyable and would probably help your relationship. Did you ever stop to think that the problem isn’t them, it’s you? Stop looking for something to complain about and acknowledge all that there is to appreciate and enjoy!

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  • Reacher or a settler…..

    I never quite grasped this concept. Just for the fact that I always strive to do better. Therefore, wouldn’t one always be considered a settler? Because you stop trying and just stick with what you’ve got. I suppose that’s where love comes in. Although there is not set definition of love, no way to know if you’re in it or not. There’s no test you take, no machine you can use. You just know. Or do you? Or is love just an idea that everyone is obsessed with and trying to achieve by blinding themselves with the idea and not the actual feeling. Maybe the problem is just that the mind is so complex that we over analyze everything. We strive for knowledge. Infinite knowledge is impossible, but maybe that’s a good thing.